CERT: Volunteer to Help Your Community in Emergencies

On April 4, 2013, in Safety, by Padraic Ansbro

In the event of a citywide or regional emergency such as a severe winter storm, flood or major earthquake, households need to be prepared to be on their own for at least a week. Neighborhoods need to be prepared for self-sufficiency, too. Volunteer neighborhood rescuers will likely be first on-the-scene when firefighters and police are slowed by impassable streets or overwhelmed by calls for help.

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) are local residents trained to provide emergency disaster assistance within their own neighborhoods. CERT members are trained to save lives and property until professional responders can arrive. These volunteers are specially trained to help others without putting themselves in harm’s way.

CERNET TeamT members are:

  1. Prepared to be self-sufficient for one week during any emergency.
  2. Able to provide emergency assistance to their family and immediate neighbors.
  3. Able to work within an emergency response team to save lives and property in their neighborhood.
  4. Able to guide untrained volunteers who want to help others during a disaster.

In Portland, OR (city proper) the CERTs are called NETs (Neighborhood Emergency Teams).

To inquire about becoming a CERT or NET team member speak with your local Bureau of Emergency Management resource.

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