Water is life!  You can go 3 days without water before you feel serious and deadly physical consequences.  OK, I know some of you will say you can go a week without drinking straight water.  Well that may be true, you can drink a variety of fluids (and I feel sorry for your liver and kidneys) but you are drinking fluids that contain water.  So if you have a total fluid intake shutdown you will soon feel the pain.  There is a bell curve to the body’s operational capacity when you deprive it of water.  Along the way you will experience; dryness of the throat, swelling of the tongue and diminished mental capacity until your kidneys finally shut down… then you expire.  Not pretty, is it?

To prepare for an emergency you should have on hand at least 1 gallon of water per person per day and that includes pets.  For example; if you have 2 adults, 2 kids and a pet that’s 5 gallons of water per day times 3 days…well  you do the math.  Standard emergency preparedness suggests 3 days, that’s basic.  I recommend a week supply of water at least!

Let’s say you’ve exhausted your water supply.  Now what?  Where do you go to get water for you and your family.  By now there will be lots of people in the same position, desperately searching for any water that looks drinkable.  Drinking bad water can be worse than being without it!  Water, in addition to being an important life source can also transport many diseases.

How do you get clean drinking water in a crisis situation?  There are a few available resources like your water heater tank, your toilet tank (the back part not the bowl) and even your aquarium.  But in order to make sure you have clean drinkable water from any source you will need a water filtration system.  It can be large or small but you will need to add one to your emergency kit.

In coming blog posts I’ll review some that you may want to consider.  But in the meantime, go to my Products page and connect to Amazon.com to see a great selection of filters.

Stay Safe USA!

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